Offer 2 F2 Gamer Buttons + 2 Finger Gloves From Fly Digi

99 SAR

Offer features: Two f2 control buttons * The pill contains two pieces (right and left) * Two Fly Digi finger gloves * The pill contains two pieces (right and left) * Features of the f2 buttons: The F2 control buttons from GameSir, which allows you to easily play through Your mobile phone using the buttons.Install the two pieces on your phone and adjust the settings in the game and enjoy playing.Each case contains two pieces - right control and left sizingFeatures Glove fingers: densely woven carbon fiber, thin and delicate Carbon fiber technology, as thin as 0.3mmNano grade carbon fiber, thin The slender, robust 18-tooth dense knit has up to 120 contacts per square centimeter, improving sensitivity by 30% compared to 15 conventional gloves. The touch screen is clear and continuous in contrast Refreshing to the fingers Adapt to different finger contours, fit comfortably without tightness Eliminate sweating while touching Wearing four fingers, smart and elegant The difference from the previous generation: 30% less thickness than the previous generation, and it is as light as it does not feel like wearing anything

  • 99 SAR

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