Exchange and Return Policy

1. The customer (inside Saudi Arabia) has the right to return or exchange the products within 14 days, provided that the product is in its original condition and the product has not been disassembled or used and with all its accessories and user manual.

2. When you want to return a new product that has not been used and in its original condition, the value of the product is returned to the customer only, and it is necessary to “keep the order number and the complete accessories of the device is important to benefit from the warranty, replacement and return”

3. If the product is examined and it turns out that it is under warranty and has a manufacturing defect, the customer will be compensated with a new product and the store will bear the shipping cost for a period of 5 days from receiving the order after this specified period. The shipping costs will be calculated returning to the store and sending the customer again with the product being followed up in the warranty before The store and the customer bear the full shipping costs, except for the devices, which are guaranteed by the local agent

A bill of lading is sent to the customer and the customer is expected to deliver the product to the shipping company within 7 days from the date of sending the bill of lading to him. The delivery method for shipping companies is agreed upon with the customer with the customer service team according to the policy of each city, and the policy is canceled if the customer does not deliver the product to the shipping company within this period.

4. Products that have been opened are not returned or replaced if it is not proven that there is a manufacturing defect in them, noting that the non-replaceable products are all that violate or deviate from the terms of the warranty such as (misuse - the product opened in a non-natural state - failure to follow the operating instructions – Exposing the product to water if it is not waterproof – Doing any external maintenance – The device completely or partially malfunctions in case of using an accessory that is not compatible with the device’s characteristics.

5. To benefit from the warranty, all product accessories must be present from (product - product carton - instruction manual - charger cord - and other additional accessories)

6. In the event that the product to be replaced is not available in any of the three quarters branches, the customer will be contacted to obtain his permission if he wants another product during this period.

7. The customer bears the shipping cost (exchange - return)

8. In the event of an objection to the shipment, communication will be made within 24 hours of receiving the request

9. In the event that the customer did not receive the shipment and it was returned to us, the customer will take care of the shipping amount

10. When the customer completes the purchase, he thus acknowledges his full acceptance of due diligence by being aware of all the conditions of replacement and return.

How to redeem cash at 3 Quarters Store:

If the payment was made by card, the amount will be refunded via the card. In the event that payment is made upon receipt, the customer will be contacted by the customer service to request a Rajhi bank account to be refunded the amount of the product, and in the case of another bank, there will be a transfer fee of 7.5 riyals to a different bank

The return and exchange period ranges from 7 to 21 working days